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Family of Samuel BEACHCROFT and Elizabeth Acworth OMMANNEY

Husband: Samuel BEACHCROFT (1801-1861)
Wife: Elizabeth Acworth OMMANNEY (1804-1885)
Children: Francis Porten BEACHCROFT (1841-1912)
Elizabeth BEACHCROFT (1843-1922)
Mary BEACHCROFT (1847-1915)
Thomas Seward BEACHCROFT (1849-1912)
Marriage 21 Jul 1840 Mortlake, Surrey

Husband: Samuel BEACHCROFT

Sex: Male
Father: Thomas Seward BEACHCROFT (1770-1819)
Mother: Charlotta LEWIS (1779-1817)
Birth 27 Jul 1801 Queenhithe, London
Occupation Architect
Death 10 Nov 1861 (age 60) Putney, Surrey
Proved by Thomas and Richard BEACHCROFT his Brothers

Wife: Elizabeth Acworth OMMANNEY

Name: Elizabeth Acworth OMMANNEY
Sex: Female
Father: Sir Francis Molyneux OMMANNEY (1774-1840)
Mother: Georgiana Frances HAWKES (1776-1854)
Birth 5 Mar 1804 St Martin in the Fields, London
Census 1841 (age 36-37) Chelsea, Middlesex
Cadogan Place, St Luke
Living with husband and new born son
Census 1851 (age 46-47) Putney, Surrey
7 Terrase
Living with husband Samuel and children Elizabeth, Mary & Thomas
Census 1861 (age 56-57) Putney, Surrey
Royal Hospital for Incurables, Richmond Road
Living with husband Samuel and children Francis, Elizabeth, Mary, and Thomas
Census 1871 (age 66-67) Mortlake, Surrey
Upper Richmond Road
Widow. Living with daughter Mary and son Thomas. Mary Ann J OMMANNEY, niece also in residence
Death 8 Mar 1885 (age 81) East Sheen, Surrey
Oak Lawn
Proved by son Thomas BEACHCROFT and daughter Mary BEACHCROFT

Child 1: Francis Porten BEACHCROFT

Name: Francis Porten BEACHCROFT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Laura Emily BAYLY (1844-1931)
Birth 7 May 1841 Chelsea, Middlesex
Census 1861 (age 19-20) Putney, Surrey
Richmond Road
Living with parents
Census 1871 (age 29-30) Penge, Surrey
Tudor Road
Living with wife Laura and sons
Census 1901 (age 59-60) Dulwich, London
9 Crescent Wood Road
Living with wife Laura, daughter Eva, son George W, grandaughter Maud BEECHCROFT and daughter Elasie and her husband Hugh COLLIS
Census 1911 (age 69-70) Worthing, Sussex
Beaconsfield, Manor Road
Living with wife Laura and daughter Eva and grandchildren - Joan Goodenough BEACHCROFT and Gerald Gordon COLIS
Occupation Barrister - Indian Civil Service
Death 10 Feb 1912 (age 70) Worthing, Sussex
Beaconsfield, Manor Road
Probate to wife Laura, Francis Seward BEACHCROFT and Sir Richard Melvill BEACHCROFT

Child 2: Elizabeth BEACHCROFT

Name: Elizabeth BEACHCROFT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Herbert William REEVES (1828-1900)
Birth 7 Sep 1843 Chelsea, Middlesex
83 Cadogan Place
Census 1871 (age 27-28) Mortlake, Surrey
Fernbank, Richmond Road
Living with husband Herbert and sons Herbert, Hugh, Emily and Edward
Census 1891 (age 47-48) Mortlake, Surrey
Fernbank, Richmond Road
Living with children Herbert, Emily, Isabel & Lionel. Husband Herbert absent
Census 1901 (age 57-58) Twickenham, Middlesex
3 Waldegrave Park
Widow. Living with daughter Elizabeth
Death Sep 1922 (age 78-79) Kensington, London

Child 3: Mary BEACHCROFT

Sex: Female
Birth 16 Apr 1847 Chelsea, Middlesex
Death 4 May 1915 (age 68) Chelsea, Middlesex
8 Cheyne Walk
Probate to Ethel Ann Dyke BEACHCROFT, widow and Herbert Kempson BEACHCROFT

Child 4: Thomas Seward BEACHCROFT

Name: Thomas Seward BEACHCROFT
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Christiana Constance OMMANNEY (1857-1894)
Spouse 2: Ethel Ann Dyke MARSHALL (1857-1933)
Birth 9 Sep 1849 Chelsea, Middlesex
Census 1851 (age 1-2) Putney, Surrey
7 Terrace
Living with parents and siblings
Census 1861 (age 11-12) Putney, Surrey
Richmond Road
Living with parents
Census 1871 (age 21-22) Mortlake, Surrey
Upper Red Lodge, Richmond Road
Student of Architecture.Living with Mother Elizabeth and sister Mary. Mary Ann J OMMANNEY niece of his Mother was a visitor
Census 1881 (age 31-32) St Pancras, Middlesex
24 Maitland Place Villas
Artist Painter. Lodger in home of Henry & Jane TAYLOR, Chemist.
Census 1891 (age 41-42) Frensham, Surrey
Loumer House
Living on own means. Living with wife Christiana
Census 1901 (age 51-52) Sydenham, London SE18
64 West Hill
Living with wife Ethel A D and daughter Christine (4) and stepdaughter Lilian E OMMANNEY
Census 1911 (age 61-62) Sydenham, London SE18
Tisbury, Tower Road West
Living with wife Ethel
Death 17 Sep 1912 (age 63) St Leonards on Sea, Sussex
Tisbury, Tower Road West
Probate to wife Ethel and Edward Whitelock REEVES