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Family of Ashley Haly BROCK and Violet E MINETT

Husband: Ashley Haly BROCK (1909-2002)
Wife: Violet E MINETT (1911-2006)
Children: Janet Y BROCK (1940- )
Pauline E BROCK (1944- )
Hilary M BROCK (1942- )
Marriage 9 May 1936 Paddington, London

Husband: Ashley Haly BROCK

Name: Ashley Haly BROCK
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 2 Jun 1909
Death Apr 2002 (age 92) Thanet with Dover, Kent

Wife: Violet E MINETT

Name: Violet E MINETT
Sex: Female
Father: Alphonso George Edward MINETT (1886-1962)
Mother: Violet Louisa LEVETT (1880-1960)
Birth 22 Jul 1911 Willesden, Middlesex
Census 1939 (age 27-28) Willesden M B, Middlesex
Living aith husband Ashley
Death Jan 2006 (age 94) Kent, England

Child 1: Janet Y BROCK

Name: Janet Y BROCK
Sex: Unknown
Birth Apr 1940 Hendon, Middlesex

Child 2: Pauline E BROCK

Name: Pauline E BROCK
Sex: Female
Spouse: Daniel E TILLEY ( - )
Birth Jul 1944 Surrey South Eastern

Child 3: Hilary M BROCK

Name: Hilary M BROCK
Sex: Female
Birth Jul 1942 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire