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Family of David T Amos VENN and Yvonne Catherine Huguette THOMPSON

Husband: David T Amos VENN
Wife: Yvonne Catherine Huguette THOMPSON (1939-2015)
Children: Nadine Paulette VENN
Paul David Amos VENN
Andrew Christian F VENN
Emma Louise VENN

Husband: David T Amos VENN

Name: David T Amos VENN
Sex: Male
Father: Gerald William Wallace VENN (1905-1967)
Mother: Hilda Winifred CHANDLER (1909-2000)

Wife: Yvonne Catherine Huguette THOMPSON

Name: Yvonne Catherine Huguette THOMPSON
Sex: Female
Father: John Amos THOMPSON (1909-1968)
Mother: Huguette B M (Peggy) AURILLAC (1905-1968)
Birth 11 Oct 1939 Wandsworth London
Residence btw 2002 and 2003 (age 62-64) Prudhoe, Northumberland
32 Moor Road
Emma Venn also in residence
Death 5 Jul 2015 (age 75) Prudhoe, Northumberland

Child 1: Nadine Paulette VENN

Name: Nadine Paulette VENN
Sex: Female

Child 2: Paul David Amos VENN

Name: Paul David Amos VENN
Sex: Male

Child 3: Andrew Christian F VENN

Name: Andrew Christian F VENN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Pauline OLIVER

Child 4: Emma Louise VENN

Name: Emma Louise VENN
Sex: Female