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Family of William Henry HYETT and Isabella Mcgregor STEWART

Husband: William Henry HYETT (1868-1930)
Wife: Isabella Mcgregor STEWART (1871-1944)
Children: William HYETT (1890-1891)
James Albert HYETT (1892-1981)
Jemima Mary HYETT (1896- )
Isabella Mcgregor W HYETT (1898- )
Mary Elizabeth HYETT (1902-2001)
Marriage Oct 1889 Bromley, Kent

Husband: William Henry HYETT

Name: William Henry HYETT
Sex: Male
Father: William HYETT (1842-1920)
Mother: Mary Jane PALMER (1845-1925)
Birth Jan 1868 Sheerness, Kent
Occupation Laundryman
Census 1881 (age 12-13) Beckenham, Kent
8 Clifton Terrace, Ravenscroft Road
Living with parents
Death Oct 1930 (age 62) Bromley, Kent

Wife: Isabella Mcgregor STEWART

Name: Isabella Mcgregor STEWART
Sex: Female
Father: Daniel STEWART (1844-1906)
Mother: Jemima DIEY (1844-1918)
Birth 1871 Glasgow, Scotland
Census 1911 (age 39-40) Beckenham, Kent
149 Ravenscroft Road
Living with parents
Death Oct 1944 (age 72-73) Surrey North Western

Child 1: William HYETT

Name: William HYETT
Sex: Male
Birth 1890 Kent, England
Death 1891 (age 0-1) Kent, England

Child 2: James Albert HYETT

Name: James Albert HYETT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Edith FULLER (1891-1967)
Birth 6 Apr 1892 Beckenham, Kent
Death Jan 1981 (age 88) Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Child 3: Jemima Mary HYETT

Name: Jemima Mary HYETT
Sex: Female
Birth Apr 1896 Beckenham, Kent

Child 4: Isabella Mcgregor W HYETT

Name: Isabella Mcgregor W HYETT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Albert WILLIAMS ( - )
Birth Apr 1898 Beckenham, Kent

Child 5: Mary Elizabeth HYETT

Name: Mary Elizabeth HYETT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Ernest Edward BYFORD (1900-1985)
Birth 17 Oct 1902 Beckenham, Kent
Death 18 Dec 2001 (age 99) North Surrey