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Family of Gerald MACMILLAN and Vera Newlands FITCH

Husband: Gerald MACMILLAN ( - )
Wife: Vera Newlands FITCH (1899- )

Husband: Gerald MACMILLAN

Name: Gerald MACMILLAN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Vera Newlands FITCH

Name: Vera Newlands FITCH
Sex: Female
Father: Walter George FITCH (1871-1921)
Mother: Emily Rosa Lavinia NEWLANDS (1872-1919)
Birth 26 Jun 1899 Hartley Witney, Hampshire
Travel 23 Nov 1921 (age 22) Hartley Witney, Hampshire
She returned to Southampton on the Canadian Pacific Liner "Scandinavia" from Montreal, Canada where she had been living. She had left Liverpool on the 21st November 1919 with Miss M FITCH (41) to take up permanent residence in Canada. She returned to Canada on the 19 Nov 1929 from 34 Tremola Road Clapham, sailing from Southampton. She then returned to Furholme, Manor Road, Barnet arriving on 22 Nov 1930 at Southampton.
Emigration 1956 (age 56-57) to New Zealand
Occupation Stenographer