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Family of Leonce Hurnall Arthur WORSOP and Elsie Eva GRIFFIN

Husband: Leonce Hurnall Arthur WORSOP (1878-1928)
Wife: Elsie Eva GRIFFIN (1891-1963)
Children: Charlie Randolph Arthur WORSOP (1913- )
Leonce Hurnall WORSOP (1912- )
Kathleen WORSOP (1914- )
Marriage 1911 New Zealand

Husband: Leonce Hurnall Arthur WORSOP

Name: Leonce Hurnall Arthur WORSOP
Sex: Male
Father: William Hurnall Arthur WORSOP (1848-1901)
Mother: Jane Kerr MCGAW (1849-1938)
Birth 28 Aug 1878 New Zealand
Conscription btw 1899 and 1901 (age 20-23) South Africa
Served with 10th new Zealand Contingent in Boer War
Residence 1911 (age 32-33) Rangitikea, New Zealand
Bonny Glen, Marton
Occupation Railway Employee
Death 23 Oct 1928 (age 50) Lepperton, New Zealand
Died Intestate

Wife: Elsie Eva GRIFFIN

Name: Elsie Eva GRIFFIN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1891
Death 1963 (age 71-72) New Zealand

Child 1: Charlie Randolph Arthur WORSOP

Name: Charlie Randolph Arthur WORSOP
Sex: Male
Birth 1913 New Zealand

Child 2: Leonce Hurnall WORSOP

Name: Leonce Hurnall WORSOP
Sex: Male
Birth Jan 1912 New Zealand

Child 3: Kathleen WORSOP

Name: Kathleen WORSOP
Sex: Female
Birth 1914 New Zealand