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Family of Elizabeth CHIVERS and Jacob PHILLIS

Partner: Elizabeth CHIVERS (1825-1897)
Partner: Jacob PHILLIS (1823-1897)
Children: Charles PHILLIS (1847- )
Alfred PHILLLIS (1849- )
Hannah PHILLIS (1861- )
George PHILLIS (1850- )
Marriage Apr 1845 Basingstoke Hampshire

Husband: Elizabeth CHIVERS

Name: Elizabeth CHIVERS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1825 North Waltham, Hampshire
Death Apr 1897 (age 71-72) Basingstoke Hampshire

Wife: Jacob PHILLIS

Name: Jacob PHILLIS
Sex: Male
Father: James PHILLIS (1783-1872)
Mother: Hannah WALDEN (1791-1859)
Birth 14 Sep 1823 North Waltham, Hampshire
Occupation Brickmaker
Census 1861 (age 37-38) North Waltham, Hampshire
The Cottages
Death Jul 1897 (age 73) Basingstoke Hampshire

Child 1: Charles PHILLIS

Name: Charles PHILLIS
Sex: Male
Birth 1847 North Waltham, Hampshire

Child 2: Alfred PHILLLIS

Name: Alfred PHILLLIS
Sex: Male
Birth 1849 North Waltham, Hampshire

Child 3: Hannah PHILLIS

Name: Hannah PHILLIS
Sex: Female
Birth 1861 North Waltham, Hampshire

Child 4: George PHILLIS

Name: George PHILLIS
Sex: Male
Birth 1850 North Waltham, Hampshire