Family of William Edmond EAST and Frances Marianne RUCK

Husband: William Edmond EAST (1806- )
Wife: Frances Marianne RUCK (1816- )
Children: William A EAST (1842- )
Frances E EAST (1843- )
Henry Ruck EAST (1844-1914)
Edith M EAST (1846- )
Arthur EAST (1851- )
Marriage 6 Sep 1838 London City, London

Husband: William Edmond EAST

Name: William Edmond EAST
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1806 Chelsea, London
Occupation Wholesale Stationer & Fundholder

Wife: Frances Marianne RUCK

Name: Frances Marianne RUCK
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1816 London,

Child 1: William A EAST

Name: William A EAST
Sex: Male
Birth 1842 London City, London

Child 2: Frances E EAST

Name: Frances E EAST
Sex: Female
Birth 1843 London City, London

Child 3: Henry Ruck EAST

Name: Henry Ruck EAST
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Winefride Marie Thorelle WOOD (1864-1884)
Spouse 2: Maud Charlotte CROFTS (1859-1947)
Birth 18 May 1844 St Dunstan in the East, London
Re-marriage 1897 (age 52-53) Steyning Sussex
Married Maud Charlotte CROFTS. Records indicate that Mrs East returned from Colombo on 1 Jul 1903 with two children Miss G. born 1900 and Mstr J. born 1901.
Occupation Coffee Planter
Death 22 Oct 1914 (age 70) Bedford, Bedfordshire
58 Clapham Road
Probate to wife Maud
Probate 9 Feb 1915 Bedford, Bedfordshire
58 Clapham Road
Probate to his widow Maud Charlotte East. Effects of 1833 pounds nine shillings and fourpence.

Child 4: Edith M EAST

Name: Edith M EAST
Sex: Female
Birth 1846 London City, London

Child 5: Arthur EAST

Name: Arthur EAST
Sex: Male
Birth 1851 London City, London
Occupation Clergyman