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Family of Henry A TROLLOPE and Harriet HARRISON

Husband: Henry A TROLLOPE (1837-1895)
Wife: Harriet HARRISON (1826- )
Marriage 26 Oct 1870 Ealing, Middlesex

Husband: Henry A TROLLOPE

Name: Henry A TROLLOPE
Sex: Male
Father: William Henry T TROLLOPE (1800-1873)
Mother: Maria Arthur WORSOP (1809-1891)
Birth 30 Sep 1837
Occupation Royal Navy - Captain, later Rear Admiral
Death 6 Mar 1895 (age 57) Ganton, Yorkshire
Cause: Killed on Railway Station at Ganton after playing golf there

Wife: Harriet HARRISON

Name: Harriet HARRISON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 18 Jul 1826 Firby, Yorkshire