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Family of George BIRD and Laura Elizabeth CORRIE

Husband: George BIRD (1802- )
Wife: Laura Elizabeth CORRIE (1818-1908)
Children: Hannah (Anna) Penelope BIRD (1837-1917)
Laura Helen BIRD (1844-1898)
Walter Sherer BIRD (1847-1891)
Agnes BIRD (1851- )
Arthur BIRD (1853- )
Florence BIRD (1855- )
Gerald Thornton BIRD (1857- )
Louisa Margaret BIRD (1860-1863)
Nora BIRD (1864-1943)
Marriage 11 Sep 1835 Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

Husband: George BIRD

Name: George BIRD
Sex: Male
Father: William Wilberforce BIRD (1758-1836)
Mother: Penelope WHELER (1764-1839)
Birth 6 Sep 1802 Kenilworth, Warwickshire
Occupation Indian Civil Service

Wife: Laura Elizabeth CORRIE

Name: Laura Elizabeth CORRIE
Sex: Female
Father: Daniel CORRIE (1777-1837)
Mother: Elizabeth MYERS (1789-1836)
Birth 14 Oct 1818 Benares, Bengal, India
Census 1851 (age 32-33) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Mellington Square
Living with husband and daughters Laura and son W S and infant
Census 1861 (age 42-43) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Bays Hill Mansion
Living with husband and family
Census 1871 (age 52-53) Bath, Somerset
5 Cavendish Place, Walcot
Living with husband and daughters Agnes, Florence, and Nora
Census 1881 (age 62-63) Teignmouth, Devon
1 Dem Crescent
Living with son Gerald and daughter Nora and grandson Douglas age 5 b. Jersey
Census 1901 (age 82-83) Reading, Berkshire
5 Castle Crescent
Living with daughetr Nora ?Dishon and Ida L WALKER, niece
Death Apr 1908 (age 89) Reading, Berkshire

Child 1: Hannah (Anna) Penelope BIRD

Name: Hannah (Anna) Penelope BIRD
Sex: Female
Spouse: William John TONGE (1837-1891)
Birth 1837 Mangalore, India
Census 1851 (age 13-14) Leamington, Warwickshire
Boarding School
Census 1861 (age 23-24) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Bays Hill Mansion
Living with parents
Census 1871 (age 33-34) Chevening, Kent
Morants Court Place
Living with husband and children
Death 27 Apr 1917 (age 79-80) Cowfold, Sussex
Widow. Probate to William Corrie TONGE, Colonel, AH Army

Child 2: Laura Helen BIRD

Name: Laura Helen BIRD
Sex: Female
Spouse: George HUTCHINSON (1826-1900)
Birth 27 Mar 1844 Madras India
Census 1881 (age 36-37) Tonbridge, Kent
Havelock House
Living with wife Laura
Death 5 Oct 1898 (age 54) Ealing, Middlesex
Holmleigh Mount, Park Hill

Child 3: Walter Sherer BIRD

Name: Walter Sherer BIRD
Sex: Male
Birth Oct 1847 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Census 1871 (age 23-24) Plymouth, Devon
Army Barracks
Occupation Army - Lt, Royal Artillery
Death 16 Sep 1891 (age 43) St James, London

Child 4: Agnes BIRD

Name: Agnes BIRD
Sex: Female
Birth 21 Sep 1851 Ootacamund, Madras, India

Child 5: Arthur BIRD

Name: Arthur BIRD
Sex: Male
Birth Oct 1853 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Child 6: Florence BIRD

Name: Florence BIRD
Sex: Female
Birth Jul 1855 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Child 7: Gerald Thornton BIRD

Name: Gerald Thornton BIRD
Sex: Male
Birth Jul 1857 Stinchcombe, Gloucestershire

Child 8: Louisa Margaret BIRD

Name: Louisa Margaret BIRD
Sex: Female
Birth Jan 1860 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Death Jul 1863 (age 3) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Child 9: Nora BIRD

Name: Nora BIRD
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry Fitzgibbon DESHON (1858-1924)
Birth Jan 1864 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Census 1871 (age 6-7)
Census 1911 (age 46-47) Combe Down, Bath Somerset
Death 17 Dec 1943 (age 79) Bath, Somerset
Ferley, Bradford Road, Combe Down