Family Histories of Wood of Kent, Bone of Hampshire, Lloyd of Cheshire, Thompson of West Yorkshire

Updated 1st February 2019. It is now 17 years since I started seriously investigating my family history in 2002 when I had retired. I wish I had started earlier when my parents and grandparents were still alive. My starting point was a pedigree chart that had been produced many years before and to which my father had added further information. I found, when I later came into contact with Robert DARLINGTON and David MORRIS (see below) that this had been produced by lawyers when probating the will of John WOOD (1687-1759) - see copy with his record . When his property was sold in 1864 some 105 years after his death, a Deed of Conveyance listing his descendants down to great great grandchildren had been set up. That property had been left in Trust to his two children but it was not until 1848 that the trust was examined to determine the names of those who were to share the proceeds. The lawyers who conducted that examination appear to have made a family tree to establish relationships of the descendants and a copy must have been given to Albert and to George Frederick and subsequently passed on down to their sons. I also had birth certificates, marriage certificates and death certificates passed on to me by my Father and Grandfather. I had always been led to believe that we were descendants of Huguenot refugees from France. Other information left to me was the original indenture of my three times Great Grandfather - Thomas WOOD (1759-1809) see copy in record - as an apprentice to William MONROW of Canterbury to be trained for seven years as a Cordwainer.

I started piecing together and confirming the various dates that I had received by using, LDS, the Mormon genealogical organisation and 1837online which is now Find My Past. At the same time I joined Genesreunited. It was through this organisation that provided me the best contact of all after having put just a small portion of my family tree on the site.

It was through this group and the name of my Grandfather - Edgar Lancefield WOOD that I first came into contact with Robert DARLINGTON, husband of a third cousin, Wendy Howard WOOD, and through him another third cousin David MORRIS. David had shared a great deal of information passed down to him by my Great Great Uncle, Albert (Athelstane) WOOD with Robert who had then written a family history (about the same time as I began to take an interest). I have spent some years now reviewing this work, adding to it and expanding it whilst also looking at the history of my wife's family - John LLOYD of Cheshire. Still using Ancestry and Findmypast who had expanded their coverage and by taking a worldwide subscription. I have also purchased and used information from the Kent Family History Society, Hampshire Geneological Society and the Nottinghamshire Family History Society. Recently I came across another article by Robert DARLINGTON on the JACKSON family of Lincolnshire which he had worked on with Nikki VINE another distant cousin of both Wendy and myself. I have recently been reviewing a transcript of "Mrs JACKSON's Diary abt 1850" which has produced some interesting stories notable of which was the marriage of Frances HOWARD to a Captain John WILLIAMS a Mariner who changed his name by Royal Assent to WELSH. Additional information on this familty was provided by Jane RUNCIMAN from Australia and her access to Australian websites.

Both Robert and David had heard the same story as I had about the Huguenot connection but without any proof and with the information having been passed down by word of mouth. It is my belief that there is a connection through Frances THOREL(LE) wife of Thomas WOOD but there is no absolute proof. There is still a possibility that the Wood name can be traced further back to the Walloons who came to the Canterbury area as there are references to Wood and Du Bois or Du Boys in old wills and records but any connection has not been substantiated

In this history we are taken far and wide from the time that Thomas WOOD, son of Simon of Chartham in Kent who, on the 19th June in the 15th year of the reign of George the Third and the year of our Lord 1775 and for the sum of 10 pounds was indentured to William Monrow of Canterbury in the trade of Cordwainer for a period of 7 years. Completion of the apprenticeship was the start of a business making boots and shoes based at 19 St Margarets Street, Canterbury which lasted until 1903 when the business finally closed and my Grandfather, Edgar Lancefield WOOD, moved to Dover.

However if we follow the story of Edgars uncle, Albert (Athelstane) WOOD the family history becomes more interesting still, especially through his son Francis Howard Conrad Stanley WOOD where we can find connections to Ralph Vaughan WILLIAMS, Virginia WOOLF and William Makepeace THACKERAY.

The other interesting family is that of my wife Judith Mary WOOD née LLOYD where we can find connections to Sir Horatio LLOYD an eminent KC on the Chester circuit and to Constance LLOYD wife of Oscar WILDE.

As Robert states in his articles, a Family History is never finished and for me it has become a hobby in my retirement and I would welcome any other relatives to contact me to add to this history.


I would like to acknowledge the assistance of Robert DARLINGTON and David MORRIS who provided so much information on the WOOD side of the family.

I am grateful to Pam MALONEY who contacted me and for her input into my Mothers side of the family ie. the BONEs from Hampshire.

To Nick WILKINSON and Nick HIGTON a member of his family for their input into my wifes family the LLOYDs of Cheshire.

To Robin DUNFORD who had pictures of my Grandfather and Grandmother and indeed of my sister and Uncle passed to him from my Grandmother Florence FOXWELL.

More recently to Margaret EVANS who contacted me regarding my Grandmother Florence and her brother Gilbert Joseph FOXWELL and provided addtional information extending my research into the FOXWELLs and her relations the BATCHELER's.

I have been contacted by my 3rd cousin in New Zealand - Marilyn AUGUST née PARKER who extended my interest in the RICHINGS and in particular Jane the daughter of my 2 x great grandfather on my Mothers side of the family who married J A R NEWLANDS the eminent Analytical Chemist.

I am grateful to Derek de SELINCOURT through his friend Anthony KIMBER who has added another French descendant to the Family Tree and increased the literary connections with the addition of A A MILNE plus the great deal of information on his Family and their connection back to Albert (Athelstane) WOOD.

I have also had contact with Mike and Rex LANCEFIELD who have provided additional information on my Great Grandmother - Mary Margaret MOORE and her family which also helped me to understand where one of my christian names - "Lancefield" - came from.

This year I have been contacted byAlwyn DICKENSON & Raymond SIMONDS, Gerald COLAN-LEARY, Marion DELL, David BONE and Philippa DRAKE née HODSMAN who have all provided information to update and improve the information on the website. I have recently updated the RICHINGS and BRIDGEMAN families

At todays date the Family Tree has grown in volume to some 11053 names within 3545 families.


i. Dates - where dates are complete i.e. dd/mm/yyyy then they are confirmed birth or baptism dates. Dates mm/yyyy are taken from ancestry/findmypast registration information.

ii. Surnames - surnames in brackets are usually where the marriage has not been confirmed and the spouses maiden name not identified.

iii. Sources - primary sources are taken from Kent Family History transcript CD's, Hampshire Geneological Society Index CD's and Nottinghamshire Family History Society Viewer Pack CD. Other major sources are a worldwide subscription to Ancestry and a UK subscription to FindMyPast.


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